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Sprints and workshops

Sprints and workshops are at the heart of the innovation and transformation processes. Their framed and fun format allows participants to efficiently produce the deliverables necessary for the organization. The sprint facilitator workshop allows you to understand, design and practice such sprints with its tools and the particular posture of the facilitator.

You become a certified sprint facilitator.

Key benefits

Innovation, transformation, digital.

  • Be able to design and facilitate tailor-made high added value sprints and workshops, of any type, size and in different contexts.
  • With additional modules such as design thinker, UX designer, circular designer, brand designer or comm creativist, offer multiple tested and validated sprints: strategy design sprint, roadmap design sprint, design thinking sprint, brand design sprint, business model sprint, UX design sprint, comm plan sprint.


  • The design deck of more than 90 cards to design your design thinking sprints.
  • The design thinking sprint map.
  • An example of a typical 1/2 day collaborative workshop.
  • A kit of documents to prepare your workshops: an electronic template to design your workshops, an excel file for the material and a pdf indicating consumable references.



Anyone practicing or wishing to practice collective intelligence to innovate or transform. You want to develop your posture to design and facilitate all kinds of workshops and sprints with methods such as design thinking or others: marketing, human resources, digital, innovation, transformation, consultant, product manager, UX designer, UI designer, scrum master, product owner….


Developed competencies
Results orientation
Active listening
Relating to others connecting with others
Energy management over time
Self-organization as a team


Déc 14 - 16 2020

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