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The design thinking sprint

The design thinking sprint leads to the validation with the users of a value proposition using empathy, iteration, protoyping & test. This design thinker training gives you the opportunity to safely pactice and, later on, to replicate such sprint with its tools in your work environment.

You become a certified design thinker.


Key benefits


Innovation / marketing

You better define user needs and respond to them with adequate solutions, new services or products. And you increase the turnover with higher margins. You replicate such a design thinking sprint in your innovation lab or for your clients (consultant).


You better involve employees in a transformation by creating a commitment with XXL workshops. You improve internal processes more focused on the needs of employees.


You define the value proposition desired by users before producing it digitally. You collaboratively align business lines and IT on such a value proposition. You increase the return on investment of the IT department.


More than 17 canvases and electronic method cards to replicate this sprint. The lean design doing booklet (design thinking and lean startup in design thinking sprint mode).



Anyone wishing to experiment Design Thinking in a Design Thinking Sprint mode to innovate in a human-centered way: marketing, HR, digital, innovation, transformation, consultant, UX designer, UI designer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, Head of Product. You just need to be enthusiastic about learning this competency.


Developed competencies

Active listening
Adaptive and emergent thinking


What you learn


Our workshops are designed to maximize the most useful learnings with our most experienced trainers. Before the workshops, videos are communicated to the learners for a theoretical learning. We develop sprints and tools that you can easily replicate and use after the workshop.

  • Understand the Design Thinking mindset in Design Thinking Sprint mode. A comparison will be made with lean startup.
  • Acquire an effective user-centric innovation methodology to quickly evaluate and validate products.
  • Learn by doing the process and its tools.
  • Experience a collaborative and agile work culture based on empathy, prototyping / testing and iteration


Jan 14 - 15 2021

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