Formation Remote Meeting Facilitator

The remote meeting makes it possible to energize its employees and meet the needs of the organization in terms of deliverables. The remote meeting facilitator workshop allows you to experiment and replicate such meetings with its tools. It’s all in the preparation.

You become a certified remote meeting facilitator.


Key benefits



Onboard teams with dynamic and energizing workshop-meetings. Respond to the needs of the organization and, in particular, to the sponsor. Be confident to design and facilitate your first remote workshop-meetings.


Know the existing tools and be able to choose the most suitable. Secure workshop-meetings while minimizing risks.


A remote meeting preparation template. Role maps. A list of advice for remote activities using zoom and wall. Recommendations for zoom settings, in particular for using breakout rooms. A list of digital tools. Examples remote warmups.


Anyone who wants to experience remote workshop-meetings to gain efficiency and enjoyment with digital tools. For a new permanent or temporary team or to improve an existing team that wishes to become more efficient in the way it works virtually. You just need to be enthusiastic about learning this skill.


Developed competencies

Active listening
Adaptive and emergent thinking


What you learn


Our workshops are designed to maximize the most useful learnings with our most experienced trainers. Before the workshops, videos are communicated to the learners for a theoretical learning. We design workshops, sprints, and tools that you can easily replicate after the workshop.


Understand how a virtual team works, its challenges. Streamline remote work with simple digital tools (synchronous, asynchronous), complementary roles, a shared protocol. Understand how to design your remote workshop-meetings. Experiment with the combination of zoom and mural.co and the other main visual tools. Practice.


Jan 21 - 22 2021

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